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 Sharpening Techniques & Philosophy



"D & R Sharpening Solutions" should not be confused with typical "sharpening services" who run good shears, scissors, and knives across harsh grinding wheels. These "grinder services" have created a general mistrust towards our profession and we strive daily to change this.  


We believe, that through the use of non-aggressive sharpening equipment, technical experience, and an understanding of our customer's needs, we can turn these negative connotations around.



I'll explain further...


Grinders, and the use thereof, have disadvantages associated with them. Aggressive grinders remove an unnecessary amount of material (metal) from the tool while generating an excessive amount of heat.




Why is this so important?


First, heat can ruin the temper of the blade. Once the temper has been lost the edge will never again be maintained in a sharpened state.


Second, by removing the least amount of material from an edge, during the sharpening process, the life of the tool will be increased. For the customer, this will significantly reduce future tool purchasing costs.


We employ several different methods/systems to achieve our desired goals. We've spared no expense in obtaining the required equipment to produce the absolute best possible razor sharp edges.



"D & R Sharpening Solutions" will not compromise our integrity, or our customer's tools, as a result of trying to achieve more speed.



We believe in the old saying, "We do quality work, not quantity work."


 D&R Sharpening Solutions

Airville, PA