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Mail Order Terms & Instructions




*We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, & USPS money orders,



All listed prices are for sharpening of undamaged blades (i.e. no edge nicks or broken tips). For tools that require blade reconditioning and/or reshaping there will be an additional charge added to the listed price.



Please note any additional repairs (i.e.- nicks, chips, broken tips,etc.) that your tools may need taking care of at the time of shipment. Doing so will ensure delays are kept to a minimum.



In the event that a tool is found to be beyond our capabilities, of either sharpening and/or repairing, we will simply return this tool back to you with any refunded monies included.


If replacement parts for hair shears (i.e. shear pivot screws, finger rests, bumpers/silencers, etc.) are required to be replaced, then they will be billed on a

per item basis.


*Note - We do not repair knives beyond blade reconditioning/reshaping.



Some serrated knives can be sharpened while others can not. For those knives that can be sharpened, we will re-serrate to bring the tips of the teeth back to "pointy" as well as sharpen the inside gulley (or valley) between the teeth. All other serrated knives will receive only a quick tip sharpening. For those knives that can not be sharpened there will be no charge.

*Please note the additional charge to re-serrate a knife.




We do not sharpen folding knives, hunting knives, daggers, machetes, axes, hatchets, or fantasy knives.



Please mention any special requirements, you may have, as well be happy to accommodate you where we can.



We reserve the right to refuse work for any reason.



We will return ship your tools using USPS Mail. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping will be billed based on actual costs. Insurance will be provided upon customer request. Customer must indicate the amount of insurance required. Please ensure that you indicate on the mail order form how much (if any) coverage your tools will require for return shipment. If no insurance coverage is selected then no insurance coverage will be provided. D&R Sharpening Solutions and/or JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com assumes no liability for uninsured packages. 

We recommend that you insure your tools when sending them to us.

D&R Sharpening Solutions and/or JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com will not be held responsible for missing or damaged shipments.

Instructions for shipping

Wrap each knife/cleaver blade in newspaper, cardboard, bubble wrap, or if possible - use a knife sheath. Hairstylist shears should be wrapped in tissue, placed in at least a small box, but preferably placed in their appropriate factory case. Larger shears should be wrapped in newspaper, cardboard, or bubble wrap. 

Pack the items (tools) into a sturdy box filled with folded newspaper, plastic peanuts, or bubble wrap. Care should be used to ensure that knives/shears do not move at all during shipment. Movement can damage expensive tools and possibly injure package handlers. Please remember this when packing up your pointy items to be mailed. All packing sent will be re-used when we ship your tools back to you.

Please If sending knives. Do not label the box as such. People are very knife nervous these days so labeling the box as containing knives will only serve to add possible unnecessary complications to your mailing task.



We accept Paypal and USPS money orders.

If paying by money order please make it payable to "David Martell" and include it with your shipment.

If paying by Paypal simply send the tools to us including the (filled out) order form and we will send you an invoice once the work is complete.

Similarly, if you're paying with Paypal and are uncertain as how to fill out the order forms, simply send the tools to us and we will fill it out for you. Then we will send you an invoice for the appropriate payment amount.

Ship to:

D&R Sharpening Solutions

156 Highfield Rd

Airville, PA 17302






 D&R Sharpening Solutions

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